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People giving your business a thumbs up

Would it be valuable to have people saying good things about your business?

(We all know the answer here is YES! YES! and YES!)

Now, what if you could collect all the good things they’re saying into an engaging, authentic video at the push of a button? No tech skills needed, no rocket science degree, and no worries about them trying to figure out how on earth to send you the video they just made.

What if they could simply click a link, record their review on their prefered device, and send it back to you, all in under 5 minutes? From there, you select the reviews you want to keep and download them to your computer to use anywhere you desire? AND you only pay for the ones you keep!

This is the newest, most exciting state-of-the-art Review option (much less, video review option) we’ve ever shared at Social Engagement Engine.

And, as an EXTRA BENEFIT, it also gives YOU an EASY way to get your own video messages, specials, trainings and more online effortlessly. What a great way to share personal video content online where your customers, clients, or patients can see it!

Collecting customer testimonials for a business is incredibly important, but it’s often hard to find the time and resources to do so.

Most businesses settle for collecting just a few testimonials because they’re too busy working on other things. This means most businesses are missing out on valuable social proof that could be used as an effective marketing tool. We designed Easy Social Vids for small business owners who want an easy way to collect customer testimonials but aren’t sure where to start.

Easy Social Vids allows you to collect unlimited number of videos from your customers with no technical skills required. It’s super easy! After creating your account you simply send a link to each customer who records their video testimony using any device – phone, tablet or computer. Videos are uploaded directly onto our cloud server where they can be downloaded by anyone in your organization or shared via email or social media channels with one click.

Happy Customer Reviews via Easy Social Vids

Struggling to communicate effectively on social media? Not sure how to get your message out there?

With Easy Social Vids, you’ll never have to worry about coming up with fresh content again! Our cloud-based tool helps you generate regular messages, menu updates, or special announcements on the spot so your followers always know what’s going on at your business. Our simple solution allows business owners an easy way to get their message online in a more engaging and authentic way than just using text alone.

The Easy Social Vids platform is super easy to use and helps anyone who owns a small business spontaneously publish short video clips right from your computer screen or mobile phone – without the need for expensive equipment or editing software! Plus, our videos are formatted specifically for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube!

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That’s right, we’ll let you set up an account (easy peasy), send the request link out to three of your most satisfied customers willing to give you a review, and download their video testimonials from our platform to use however or wherever you want. And it’s ALL FOR FREE!!

The catch? All we ask is that you give us your own video review of our system once you’ve had a chance to experience it for yourself. That’s it! Deal?

Ready to give it a try? Click on the button below to get started. If you want a quick demo, simply call or email us for a 15 minute demo to see just how easy it is to add Video Testimonials to your business!

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Get 3 video testimonials for free


Setup Takes 5 Minutes

No Technical Skills Needed. In just 5 minutes or less you’ll be completely setup and collecting video reviews on autopilot from here on out.

Forever Automated

Once you’re set up, Easy Social Vids handles the rest. Video Reviews will become automated from this point forward helping you collect video reviews, without any of the hassle.

All The Features You Need

To Easily Collect Video Reviews From Your Customers

Capture With A Single Link

We believe sharing should be as simple as possible, so you can collect reviews from many sources That’s why Easy Social Vids provides you with a single link that you can copy, paste, and share anywhere Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Text etc.

Download & Share

As soon as you receive video testimonials back from your customers, you’ll be able to download them as mp4 files and share them on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, your website & many more.

Low Latency Videos

Our software’s state-of-the-art development is designed to preserve the full integrity and resolution of every video that is recorded. No more lagging videos, delayed audio, or corrupted files on our watch!

Record On Any Device

Easy Social Vids’ flexible interface allows your customers and clients to record testimonials on whatever device they favor: phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. All they need to do is click the link provided and Easy Social Vids will do the rest. Our browser-based recorder will capture their video and audio. It’s simple and easy.

Suggest Relevant Topics

Ensure that customers are crafting well-formatted, well-organized videos with the help of suggested questions to answer. With Easy Social Vids, you can type in relevant questions for your customers to respond to; these questions will appear on-screen and will guide customers along as they record their testimonials.

Secure & Privacy Compliant

Our platform is completely GDPR compliant and makes your compliance for your clients simple. Add a link to your privacy policy and we’ll do the rest. Before users share their information, they’re invited to agree to your policy in accordance with state and GDPR regulations. It’s as simple as that!

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